Summer Wedding Party Alert! Coolest wedding party drinks and desserts!

The summer is here and WOW it's a hot one!

We've just experienced the hottest day of this summer so far and with a second heatweave due at the end of July, I thought I will send you some fun and creative drinks and desserts inspiration to cool down on your summer wedding party! 

Impress your guests with this 1920s Art Deco Great Gatsby Party wedding gold black berries desert roaring 20s vintage server creme brûlée!

Instead of making a big fruit salad, how about using champagne flutes to create cute, mini fruit salads with some whipped cream on top. Easy to serve and pretty on the table too! 

I can't take my eyes off these blackberry ice-cream with frozen cherries on top! Mmmmmm I bet your guests will love them too! 

Serve your guests Rhubarb & cherry Popsicles as a healthy after dinner treat! 

Raspberry 7UP® Punch: So easy to make, delcious, and kid-friendly, the perfect punch to greet your guests with on a hot summer day! 

I would love to know which one is your favourite! Let me know in the comments below! 

Have a lovely day!