5 Creative Ways to Use Mini Kiko Frames as Part of Your Wedding!

 Image found on notonthehighstreet.com

I absolutely love these mini kiko frames, I can think of so many creative ways of using them on your wedding day that I decided to make a quick list for you in this post. Ok, here it is: 

1. As a charm on your wedding bouquet. This is a perfect way to carry a picture of your loved one with you on your special day.

2. Send them with your wedding invitations. Tip: with a picture from your engagement photo shoot! 

3. As wedding favours for your loved ones - sent after the wedding as special gifts with a printed picture from your wedding day! 

 4. DIY "Memory Tree" for your wedding day. So popular these days! Print you favourite photos of you and your fiancee as children, as teenagers and finally as a couple. A great ice breaker for family members who can now find something to talk about! 

 5. To treasure something special from your wedding day, like a leaf, a feather, a piece of a wedding decoration or maybe a ribbon from your wedding flowers. 


Image found on ayersandgraces.com

Wondering where to find them? ayersandgraces.com and notonthehighstreet.com have a great selection of them! 

Do you have any more ideas of how to use these cute little frames on your wedding day? Let me know in the comments below or take a look at our PORTFOLIO for more inspiration! 

Have a lovely day,