5 Cutest Wedding Detail Ideas

We’ve had the pleasure to see so many beautiful and well-thought wedding details at the many weddings we photographed that we’ve selected the best 5 to share with you to spark some inspiration whilst you are making plans for you special day. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. M&M’s – if you are looking for something really unique then you must check out these personalised M&M’s favors. Each chocolate button is printed with your photograph, names and wedding date. What a sweet treat!

M&Ms wedding sweets

2. Vintage typewriter – add a touch of vintage style to your wedding day and ask your guests to leave you a personal message.

Vintage typewriter

3. Hand drawn table names - How cute are these table names, Bristol’s landmarks hand drawn by the Bride and Groom’s son. Cuteness overload!

hand drown wedding table plans

4. Scrabble bride and groom table names – we love these scrabble table names, it’s such a simple yet creative way of decorating your wedding table.

scrabble table sign
scrabble table sign

5. Birdcage post box for your wedding cards – if you are looking for something elegant then this birdcage post box is a perfect way of keeping all your wedding cards safe. 

birdcage wedding cards holder

If you are hungry for more ideas, browse through our portfolio where you will find so many other inspiring ideas to personalize your wedding day.


Lidia and Louise